Valerie Wagner, Owner

Cell: 252-207-5256

Whether it is businesses, people or plants, Valerie loves to cultivate and watch things grow. “It’s exciting to be a part of life unfolding.”

Helping people by doing the things they would prefer not to do is what drives Valerie’s passion as an Accountant.  Organization and order facilitates clear useful information and paves the way for smart business decisions. “People may think that accountancy is dull, but I have found the opposite to be true. In my career over the past 2 decades, I have counted coal from a helicopter, soybeans in silos, and literally hundreds of millions of dollars by hand.”

She has a background of public accounting, internal auditing for Fortune 500 company, and private industry including real estate, construction and development.

Valerie made her way to the Outer Banks in 2000 and has been fortunate to make it permanent. She shares her home in Point Harbor with her significant other, their two dogs, chickens, goats and cat. Yoga, gardening and creative vegan cooking keeps her grounded and balanced.